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What is an SEO Agency? 

There’s a chance you ended up on this page because you searched a question, likely in Google. Ranking in search engines and getting in front of leads at the right time is not something that happens by accident. 

An SEO agency conducts the research and may implement both on-page and technical SEO to get your business ranking for specific highly strategic keywords. This process takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and skills. so to have an SEO agency developing and managing an optimization strategy tailored to you is exactly what you need to start making your way up those search engine result pages! 

What services do SEO companies provide? 

The services provided by SEO companies can vary, but some of the main ones are on-page SEO and technical SEO. On-page SEO is all about making sure your website’s content is aligned around specific clusters of topics based on in-depth keyword research. This way, your site and its content can start answering the questions that people are asking. On-page SEO includes creating optimal H1 and H2 tags, meta-descriptions, alternate texts for images, and strategic interlinking. 

Technical optimization happens more behind the scenes but is just as important.  To ensure a positive user experience, your agency will make sure your website is structured and formatted properly. They’ll optimize your code and images for site speed, eliminate duplicate content, and add structured data to your website so users don’t have to deal with a slow website that makes them want to click away.   

Your SEO agency will also help you build authority, a necessity if you want to rank. The best way to do this is through backlinking, where other sites link to your content, helping you stay relevant and authoritative. 

 What are the best KPIs for an SEO marketing agency? 

Critical KPIs:  

  • New Revenue Generated from Organic Leads 
  • Opened Opportunities from Organic Leads 

Supporting KPIs:  

  • Number of organic leads 
  •  Number of form completions from organic 
  • Demo requests from organic 

Important early stage KPIs: 

SEO takes a long time to work and you won’t be able to understand how it impacts bottom line metrics for several months. Things you can keep track of in the meantime are: 

  • Site speed  
  • Organic visits 
  • Ranking on specific, relevant keywords 

CAUTION: If you just look at your overall traffic and ranking, you might be misguided. Remember, you don’t just want traffic. You want the right traffic. Sometimes, you’ll start a new SEO effort and your traffic will go down. This is totally okay if you’re eliminating irrelevant traffic to replace it with relevant traffic.

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