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111% YoY Revenue Growth


YoY Revenue Growth

"They identify opportunities for us to grow the business and optimize our campaigns."

Aslihan Danisman
Senior Director of Marketing

Email Marketing at a Glance


Omnichannel Strategy

Supercharge ROI with an integrated growth marketing approach that covers every touchpoint throughout the buyer journey.


Paid Ads

Reach your ideal customers through expertly targeted and managed campaigns. 


Conversion Rate Optimization

Create a frictionless path to purchase and deploy persuasive messaging to generate more revenue.





Expert SEO

Boost your rankings and brand recognition with technical SEO and compelling content optimized for search engine algorithms. 



Tracking & Analytics

Optimize your spend and scale campaigns efficiently with accurate data and increased visibility into performance.







Align sales and marketing and map your ideal funnel to unlock faster, more reliable revenue growth.

You'll Be In Good Company! 


Make eCommerce Your Brand’s Most Powerful Sales Tool

83% of B2B buyers prefer ordering or paying through eCommerce channels, and 65% are willing to self-navigate a high-value purchase. But growing demand for B2B eCommerce creates greater competition and puts pressure on brands to deliver a seamless, B2C-like on-site experience.

ProperExpression helps you reach more buyers and turn them into loyal customers. From omnichannel marketing to conversion-optimized eCommerce sites, we provide everything your brand needs to scale faster and drive reliable revenue growth. 



Drive Sales and Improve ROI with a Leading B2B eCommerce Agency



Create a Path to Seamless eCommerce Growth 

B2B eCommerce is still a growing field, and most brands are unsure how to leverage it for maximum commercial gain. Our seasoned eCommerce strategists help you identify the most valuable opportunities and develop omnichannel marketing campaigns that reach your ideal audience. 

We ensure your buyers feel empowered to make purchases with minimal assistance, enabling us to automate the process and deliver revenue more efficiently. 

Our proven method:  

  • Assess buyer behavior and demographic data to determine which channels will drive results 
  • Build robust personas to identify key messages and persuasive brand positioning 
  • Develop a long-term eCommerce strategy to grow your pipeline and streamline your revenue operations 


Reach More of Your Ideal Customers  

B2B buying teams are larger than ever, and individual buyers use more than 10 channels each throughout the buying process. Our paid social and paid search team helps you build, deploy and optimize ads on the channels your most valuable buyers and influencers use. 

The result is a steady stream of eCommerce leads primed to purchase - and unparalleled ROAS.  

Our proven method:  

  • Undertake in-depth keyword research to ensure your brand shows up for paid search queries   
  • Develop persuasive ad copy and thumb-stopping creative to capture the attention of your ideal audience 
  • Design, build and optimize landing pages to maximize conversions 
  • Manage bids and optimize keywords on a daily basis


Make High-Value Purchases Easy For Your Buyers 

35% of buyers are willing to spend more than $500,000 through a single online transaction. But from unclear product pages to complicated checkout systems, any friction in the buying process will lead to lower-value deals or purchase abandonment. 

We streamline and enhance your website to remove roadblocks and deliver a trust-building buying experience.   

Our proven method:  

  • Leverage heat-mapping tools to understand how buyers are interacting with your website and product pages to inform optimization strategies  
  • Reduce the number of steps to purchase and deploy persuasive messages throughout the journey 
  • Undertake ongoing A/B testing and improvements to copy, design, page speed and more based on engagement data 


Drive Organic Traffic and Build Brand Reputation 

78% of B2B buyers start their process with a Google search. Ranking on the first page of these search results positions your brand to become the go-to vendor for this buyer - which is exactly what we help you do. 

Using a combination of technical and content SEO, we anticipate search intent, optimize your website and ensure you appear on every query your ideal buyers make. 

Our proven method:  

  • Build an organic keyword strategy based on buyer personas, your products and competitive analysis 
  • Generate long-term content plans for every product page that incorporate the most relevant keywords, including custom-crafted tags, meta descriptions, and unique content   
  • Increase page speed and load time, fix broken links, correct sitemaps and back-end fixes with ongoing monitoring for any site errors


Capture Buyer Insights to Drive Better Marketing Decisions 

Every website visitor is a valuable source of information. But most brands don’t make the most of that data - and miss out on opportunities to improve their conversions.  

Our data and analytics experts ensure you track your funnel and generate insights that help you understand your buyers and improve every aspect of your marketing. 

Our proven method:  

  • Identify KPIs that align with your goals and vision  
  • Streamline your tech setup for seamless integration  
  • Provide real-time insights so you can make smarter business decisions based on data 
  • Create detailed funnel reporting and conduct ongoing optimization of your sales funnel  


Align All Revenue Processes to Drive More Reliable Profit

Every effective B2B eCommerce funnel requires total alignment between marketing, sales and customer service. But most companies face structural challenges when trying to make these teams work together. 

We deploy a RevOps program designed to align sales, marketing and customer service around the goal of maximizing your revenue potential. By uniting people, processes and technology around a shared goal, your organization can increase visibility, communication and performance. 

Our Proven Method:  

  • Map your ideal customer journey and build a funnel to make it a reality 
  • Coordinate sales and marketing collaboration and fix funnel leakage to optimize for conversions  
  • Remove data silos and make it easy for information to be shared between teams 
  • Automate manual processes to maximize efficiency for marketing and sales teams 
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Drive More eCommerce Sales with B2B Growth Marketing Experts  

Building a B2B eCommerce channel from scratch is not just difficult - it takes your focus away from other priorities.  

At ProperExpression, our expert team takes the weight off your shoulders. From optimizing your purchase platform to driving traffic to your website, we deliver tailored eCommerce growth strategies that ensure your brand offers a seamless eCommerce experience and achieves reliable revenue growth

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Ready to make eCommerce your best source of revenue?

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"They were quick to learn about our industry and create content that our clients wanted to read. Our industry can be difficult to understand but they "got it" right away. The whole team was knowledgeable, organized, dependable, and above all, fun to work with."
Katie Bartels
Marketing Coordinator, Justin Bradley