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Our omni-channel approach keeps all your teams in sync.


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Everything we do is designed to find, nurture and convert your ICP.


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Our holistic approach to marketing drives sustainable growth to your bottom line.

65% Increase in MRR



Increase in MRR

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"ProperExpression revolutionized our business!"

Chelsea Parsons
Sales and Marketing Officer

B2B Marketing Services We Offer

Growth Marketing

We extend your reach to B2B buyers at every stage of the funnel to accelerate your growth.

Why It's Crucial:
Growth marketing helps you highlight your unique strengths and demonstrate them to the right audience. We provide a growth marketing plan to help you maximize buyer engagement and increase customer advocacy and loyalty.

Our Proven Method:
We optimize your messaging, branding, promotion and pricing strategies for maximum sales and revenue.

Some of the things our B2B growth marketing agency covers includes:

  • Demand generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales optimization
  • Process and results tracking

Performance Marketing

The performance marketing branch of our B2B marketing agency creates targeted strategies that deliver reliable ROI. We plan and implement your performance marketing strategy and determine the best channels for maximum impact.

Why It's Crucial:
Tailored campaigns precisely targeted at your ICP help you connect with the best customers and maximize your ROI. We help you create marketing messages that resonate with your audience

Our B2B performance marketing agency can improve your bottom line by helping you with:

  • Digital advertising
  • Content and design
  • Email marketing
  • Cold email
  • Webinars
  • RevOps

Revenue Marketing

Growth is great, but it needs to be sustainable. We build a cohesive go-to-market strategy and remove bottlenecks from your sales and marketing funnels

Why It's Crucial:
A B2B digital marketing agency that doesn't take revenue into account will waste a lot of your time and money. Our B2B revenue marketing team ensures every cent you spend produces measurable returns.

Our revenue marketing approach focuses on:

  • Revenue marketing strategy
  • Marketing funnel optimization
  • Sales optimization
  • Growth models and forecasting
  • Multi-channel campaigns to hit KPIs

Demand Generation

Every business wants to increase traffic to their site, but what really matters is increasing demand for your products or services through the right traffic. Our B2B demand generation team leverages decades of expertise to generate interest from qualified prospects and turn them into loyal customers

Why It's Crucial:
Your company can only grow if it generates demand for its products or services. Our holistic approach to B2B marketing not only creates that demand - it nurtures prospects to turn demand into measurable growth.

We build demand through:

  • Email marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing operations
  • Marketing automation

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important roles of a B2B digital marketing agency, but it's also one of the most challenging. We use our extensive expertise to provide an end-to-end lead generation strategy.

Why It's Crucial:
B2B leads require more information and nurturing than B2C leads. Our B2B lead generation team can help you build and establish long-term professional relationships.

We help increase your customer base and revenue with:

  • Lead generation strategy
  • Content creation
  • Lead nurture campaigns
  • Data-driven optimizations

Sales Optimization

Sales optimization is key to B2B success, so you need a B2B marketing agency that can help at every stage of the funnel. At ProperExpression, we specialize in aligning your sales and marketing strategies for cohesive operations from first contact to closing the deal.

Why It's Crucial:
B2B sales cycles are longer, deals are bigger, and multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process. That means every lead counts, so you need to maximize your conversions.

Our B2B sales optimization team helps you close more deals with:

  • Sales coaching
  • Sales enablement content
  • Funnel planning
  • Sales collateral
  • Sales automation
  • Customer marketing


Revenue Operations (RevOps) align sales, marketing, and customer service divisions around the goal of increasing your revenue. Using RevOps, a B2B marketing agency can help you develop coherent strategies for revenue growth.

Why It's Crucial:
A B2B RevOps marketing agency can maximize your company's revenue potential and provide transparency across your sales and marketing funnels.

ProperExpression can accelerate your growth with:

  • Lead funnel management and automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead review
  • CRM strategy and automation
  • HubSpot implementation
  • HubSpot and Salesforce sync


The eCommerce branch of our B2B marketing agency handles multi-channel growth campaigns leveraging ads, email, and SEO to improve your bottom line.

Why It's Crucial:
A B2B eCommerce marketing agency can find the best channels for your campaigns, optimize your conversions, and target every message to your ICP. We use tracking and analytics to maximize your ROI and ensure your marketing budget is being well spent.

We build your eCommerce ROI with methods including:

  • Technical SEO
  • Onpage SEO
  • Paid ads
  • Multi-channel growth campaigns
  • Conversion rate optimization

30+ Combined Experience Servicing 100+ B2B Clients 

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How Our B2B Agency Services Work

1. Dive into your business, industry, and ICP

We undertake extensive preliminary research to develop strategies tailored to your company's needs.

2. Identify areas in need of optimization

Using that research, we identify gaps and bottlenecks that are impeding your company's success.

3. Bring a holistic perspective to identified areas for optimization

After identifying these bottlenecks, we prepare optimization plans to improve your ROI.

4. Hypergrowth model and key performance indicator development

We work with models and KPIs to help your company grow in a fast but sustainable way.

5. Create, implement, and optimize multi-angle campaigns and analyze progress

We use a proven process to create a comprehensive  strategy and implement it along with continuous analysis


Best-In-Class B2B Marketing Firm

We have over 35 years of combined experience delivering measurable results for B2B clients of all types and sizes.


Revenue Responsibility

As a B2B agency, we take responsibility for the revenue impact of our services. This is not a common practice in the industry, but we stand behind our promise to improve your bottom line.


Holistic Perspective

We have experience in all aspects of B2B marketing. Our experts examine your business from a bird's-eye view, then hone in on each aspect to optimize your strategy at every level.


Results Oriented

It's not enough for a B2B digital agency to simply create a strategy. We also offer impeccable implementation, with ongoing analysis and a constant focus on your bottom line.

Our B2B
Growth Marketing Services

Advertising Campaigns

Full account and campaign management of paid search ads and/or social media ads.

We'll Build a B2B Growth Marketing Program that Closes Deals

Speak with a B2B Growth Marketing Expert

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"ProperExpression revolutionized our business."
Chelsea Parsons
Sales and Marketing Officer, DeskDirector

Frequently Asked Questions 

Wondering if working with a B2B digital marketing agency is right for you? We’re here to answer any questions you have!
What is a B2B marketing agency?

A marketing agency for B2B offers expertise and specialized solutions for clients that sell primarily to other businesses and organizations. Marketing to B2B companies requires a different focus and approach than consumer marketing. B2B agencies tailor their strategies to the specialized needs of B2B firms, with a more fact-focused and business-like approach than B2C marketing campaigns.

What types of businesses does your B2B Marketing Agency Work With?

We work with B2B and SaaS companies of all types, both SMBs and enterprises. Our B2B marketing agency clients include, but aren't limited to, healthcare, FinTech, e-learning, AI firms, cybersecurity firms, professional service firms, and associations.

What’s your process for B2B marketing?

We start our engagement with a kickoff call involving every B2B digital agency team member who will work on your account, from strategy to campaign execution. We take the time to get to know your business, industry, and, most importantly, your audience.

Based on what we learn and further research, we propose the best channels for an omnichannel strategy that will bring real results for your business.

Our B2B marketing firm will craft, execute, and monitor campaigns, build dashboards, and have standing meetings with you for visibility of what’s working and what isn’t. And then, as all good marketers do, we iterate and optimize.

Can you provide any references or case studies for your B2B Marketing Firm?

Yes! You can explore our B2B agency case studies. These success stories will show you how we stand out from the crowd by helping you develop a marketing strategy that enables you to hit all your KPIs and scale your business.

What is your pricing structure?

Our B2B agency offers various marketing tracks, and pricing differs based on the scope of our partnership. We’re happy to work with you to focus on the tracks that will make the biggest impact on your business.

For more specific pricing details, get in touch today.

How do I choose the right B2B Marketing Firm for my business?

Here's what to look for in a B2B digital marketing agency:

  • Industry experience: previous work in the industry and client testimonials
  • Services offered: a wide range of services allows a holistic approach
  • Communication: transparency is key
  • Data-Driven: crucial for proper analysis and effective strategies
  • Scalability: can they scale beyond their current scope if needed?
  • Tools: the best B2B digital marketing services use the latest software and AI.

ProperExpression is a top B2B marketing agency with hundreds of satisfied clients. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

What does B2B Marketing Do?

B2B marketing is geared towards businesses or organizations rather than consumers. The goal of a B2B marketing firm is to generate leads and convert them into customers. B2B marketing requires a different focus and approach than B2C marketing, and your business needs an agency with extensive experience in running successful B2B marketing campaigns if you hope to expand your operations.

What B2B services can I explore with your agency?

Our B2B digital agency offers a number of different services. Our areas of expertise include growth marketing, demand generation, e-commerce marketing, RevOps, and more. Give us a call to find out what we can do for your B2B firm.

How does your B2B Marketing Agency stand out from the crowd?

We could talk about our expertise and proven tactics, or tell you how our approach is driven by results and data. But the big difference between Proper Expression and your typical B2B marketing agency is that we take responsibility for the revenue your company generates from our services.

We're passionate about what we do and we don't just make promises, we stand behind our results. Your success is our success.