Client Acquisition Company

Attract the Right People


We target your ideal customer profile (ICP) through targeted omnichannel campaigns.

Email Marketing and Nurturing Agency

Nurture Your Audience


We build loyalty and relationships with your ICP.

Close More Business

Close More Business


We turn leads into sales with our commitment to revenue impact.

Finally, a Demand Generation Agency that Helps Close Sales

Fill Your Pipeline Faster with Higher-Quality Leads

Our goal isn’t to get you more traffic. Our goal is to get you the right traffic that will generate revenue and propel your business forward.

As a demand generation agency, we generate qualified interest from prospects that are most likely to convert into customers.

How? We devise and implement a multichannel strategy to generate results quickly while also building the foundations of long-term success. Our approach leverages all marketing channels, meeting your audience where they are at each stage of the buyer’s journey and impacting your bottom line.


74% Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Traffic

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"I have so many positive things to say about working with ProperExpression! The first is that they deliver actual results."

Nick Peddle
Head of Demand Generation

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Transforming Your Database Into Real Money

Your database is a valuable asset, but it is also likely underutilized. By building strong email marketing nurturing programs for each of your personas and each stage of the funnel, we help realize your database’s full potential and turn your contacts into revenue.

Our proven method:

  • Deep segmentation and persona-based messaging to resonate, in every single inbox
  • Full funnel nurturing
  • Strong alignment with sales


Filling Your Funnel Faster

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the quickest way to expand your audience, get more qualified leads and close deals. It’s a critical part of any demand generation agency strategy.

We specialize in leveraging paid search and paid social channels to align with your short-term and long-term goals.

Our proven method:

  • Build a robust strategy that targets the most valuable keywords
  • Set up your accounts with Google and LinkedIn Ads
  • Manage and optimize your bids and keyword strategy daily
  • Deploy retargeting campaigns to entice buyers that have already visited your website or engaged with your brand


Establishing Your Company As a Market Leader

Most buyers start their vendor research with Google. Our extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities make sure your brand is the first thing your audience sees when searching for solutions or asking questions related to your product or service.

SEO is the backbone of any demand-generation program. It’s becoming more sophisticated as technology and algorithmic learning develop. Our demand generation agency will ensure your brand is ranking on the most relevant terms that drive revenue-generating traffic.

Our proven method:

  • In-depth keyword research to understand your current positioning and craft the most relevant, keyword-rich content for your audience
  • Competitive landscape analysis to inform content plans
  • Ongoing on-page optimizations
  • Technical SEO optimization

You'll be in good company!

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Building Trust and Improving Conversions

Content is the most impactful way to connect with your buyers. In B2B, educational marketing content is the deciding factor for whether buyers will ever talk to your sales team.

Content marketing enables you to educate your audience, influence all decision makers across your funnel and reduce sales cycle time by providing the information your buyers need.

Our proven method:

  • Content Mapping to have the right piece of content for each persona at each stage of the funnel and buyer’s journey
  • Diversity of content formats including blogs, product pages, white papers, case studies, e-books, data reports, videos and other interactive content
  • Messaging focused on key differentiators of your product or service
  • Conversion-optimized landing pages


Maintaining Your Database's Viability

Marketing Operations empowers your demand gen marketing strategy to run smoothly, scale, and succeed. Without a well-oiled Marketing Ops machine, your demand gen efforts could go to waste.

Our marketing ops specialists know exactly what it takes to make sure your business is operating as efficiently as possible, all while keeping the focus on closing deals and driving revenue.

Our proven method:

  • Lead scoring and routing of top leads to sales
  • Audience segmentation for targeted and personalized touch points that increase conversions and augment your sales pipeline
  • Software integrations to increase your team’s productivity
  • CRM clean up and data standardization to create transparency between marketing and sales


Turning "Maybe" Into "Yes"

Our B2B demand generation agency uses marketing automation tactics to nurture your leads and maximize efficiency for your team.

By providing your leads with content that is specific to their stage of the buyer journey, you’re able to demonstrate that your product or service is the solution to their exact problem. Marketing automation not only saves your team time, but it also keeps your brand top-of-mind for your most engaged leads.

Our proven method:

  • Segment your contacts based on a range of variables that inform the type of content and messaging most relevant to their stage of the buyer journey
  • Set up automated lead scoring rules that move leads through the sales cycle faster
  • Establish email marketing workflows that are triggered by specific actions to capitalize on engagement

Grow Your Pipeline with a Demand Generation Agency


Unlike other B2B demand generation agencies, we take full responsibility for revenue growth. Here are just a few examples of wins we've brought our clients.

Accelerate Your Deal Velocity & Drive Revenue with a Demand Generation Agency

What sets ProperExpression apart? We understand how to build, operate, and optimize B2B demand generation services that focus on one ultimate goal: generating qualified leads that convert into customers and revenue.

Increased traffic is only valuable if these leads move your business forward. Through an omnichannel revenue marketing approach, we’re able to meet your ideal customers where they’re looking for information at exactly the time they want it, positioning your offering as the no-brainer option to grow their business.



We take responsibility for revenue, profitability, ROI and customer acquisition at our B2B demand generation agency.


Expert Techs

Our holistic approach to demand generation services helps us build copy and content that resonates with your ICP.


Corporate Experience

The team at our demand generation agency has over 35 years of experience increasing revenue in different B2B settings.


Focus on Hypergrowth

Our demand gen marketing approach ensures everything we do empowers your business to scale.

Speak to one of our Demand Generation Agency Experts Today!

Katie (1)
"They were quick to learn about our industry and create content that our clients wanted to read. Our industry can be difficult to understand but they "got it" right away. The whole team was knowledgeable, organized, dependable, and above all, fun to work with."
Katie Bartels
Marketing Coordinator, Justin Bradley

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will B2B Demand Generation Services Cost My Business?

Every business has different needs and specific strategies to meet those needs, so there's no one size fits all price.

Our demand generation experts will walk you through our proposed strategy and provide you with a detailed outline of costs. Contact us so we can better understand your business needs and evaluate the scope of the work required. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

How Can a Demand Generation Marketing Agency Help My Business Grow?

A demand gen marketing agency can build email and PPC campaigns that will help attract the interest  you need. They can provide SEO optimization for your site to ensure that you show up highly on the most important searches, and create content to guide your ICP through every stage of the funnel. Our demand generation agency not only brings you more prospective clients, but shows you how to close the deal and turn them into happy customers.

Is Demand Gen Marketing Difficult?

Expert help from a demand generation marketing agency helps businesses save a lot of money and time on 'learning curves'. It takes time to analyze campaigns and learn how to create effective marketing campaigns. PPC and email advertising errors and SEO optimization mistakes cost your company money.

Demand gen marketing experts can work together with you and your team to move your leads down the funnel and get you the best ROI so your business can flourish.

How Do I Choose the Right B2B Demand Generation Agency for My Business?

Questions to ask your potential demand generation agency:

  • Are you B2B specialists?
  • What are your strategies for finding our ICP?
  • How do your demand-gen marketing strategies align with our brand?
  • Tell me about your top case study for a similar business. Was it an immediate success? How did you handle problems that arose?
  • How do you define success and what are your KPI's?
  • Does your B2B demand generation agency take responsibility for revenue growth via your strategies?
What's It Like Working With ProperExpression?

Our demand generation services clients speak highly of us, as you can see from the reviews above. They appreciate our dedication to their revenue growth, meticulous and holistic strategies, data driven approach, in-depth analysis and experience in their industry, responsiveness, and 35+ years of experience.

We've also been said to be 'fun to work with'! Give us a call and find out what ProperExpression can do for you and your business.