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Generating new leads is a critical part of your business, but the process does not stop there. Once leads are in your pipeline, they need to move flawlessly through the funnel, eventually becoming customers and bringing you revenue.

Marketing Automation tools were created to make this happen. Implementing a marketing automation strategy ensures essential tasks are happening behind the scenes, empowering your team to nurture qualified leads and close more deals.

Close More Deals Faster with Our Marketing Automation Strategy

marketing autmation services

Automated Lead Segmentation

With automated lead segmentation, your team will get a clear picture of the value of your database, allowing for the prioritization of the most valuable segments and the creation of personalized messaging that will convert leads faster. 

As new leads enter the funnel, we create rules to automatically segment your database based on job title, industry, interest and previous engagement with your platforms so your team knows exactly how and when to communicate with each prospect. 

Our Proven Method:

  • Database segmentation based on characteristics most pertinent to your business and sales cycle
  • Workflows for each segment that provides relevant, timely information and keeps leads warm and engaged

Email Marketing

One of the most direct and cost-effective ways to move leads through the buyer’s journey is email marketing. A marketing automation tool will send out emails to someone based on their job title or industry, what content they’ve downloaded, or how they’ve interacted with previous marketing emails. Email marketing automations determine who to send every email to, ensuring that your leads are constantly engaged and moved through the funnel.

We design email marketing strategies that lead to increased efficiencies, allowing your sales team to focus their attention on the opportunities that are most likely to convert into customers.

Our Proven Method:

  • Lead scoring automatically enroll prospects through the proper workflows and processes, ensuring marketing and sales are focusing on the right people at the right time
  • Drip campaigns tailored to each lead’s contact information, interests, behaviors and more
  • Regular top of the funnel content that fosters thought leadership and positions your brand as an authority figure
Account Based Marketing Services

Account-Based Marketing

B2B marketing isn’t about selling your product or service to a single person; it’s about marketing to the entire company, specifically a group of key stakeholders. With marketing automation, your team can deliver customized content to these stakeholders at every stage of the funnel, making them feel as though they are all united in the buying process. 

Our ABM pros create strategies and tactics that treat people at the same company as co-habitants of the same buyer’s journey. 

Our Proven Method:

  • Identify a list of target accounts and target personas
  • Tightly align efforts with sales
  • Leverage all marketing channels towards relevant ABM efforts
  • Implement on-page and off-site personalization
  • Measure impact through lift and sales velocity
marketing automation services

104% Increase in Contacts Worked by Sales

After marketing automation best practices were implemented

Marketing Automation at a Glance

marketing automation strategy

Marketing Automation Strategy

Move leads through the sales funnel flawlessly and empower your sales team to close more leads faster. 



marketing automation agency

Automated Lead Segmentation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of your database and create custom messaging based on leads’ job titles, interests and more. 

Growth Marketing Strategy Agency

Lead Scoring

Automatically progress prospects through the funnel, allowing marketing and sales to know how and when to communicate with each lead. 


Email Marketing Automation Services

Email Marketing Automation

Keep your database actively engaged with your brand through regular content that is tailored to their lifecycle stage. 


Email Marketing Services

Drip Campaigns

Nurture leads throughout their buyer’s journey with content that is relevant and timely. 




Account-Based Marketing Services

Account-Based Marketing

Create comprehensive, personal experience for each prospect in your target accounts that will drive increased revenue. 

Save More Time & Make More Money

Marketing Automation is the secret to moving leads through the funnel seamlessly and taking time-consuming off the plates of your marketing and sales teams. Relying on your marketing tech stack to handle these to-dos allows your teams to drive better results by focusing more energy on higher-impact opportunities. 

Our team of seasoned experts can do it all: time-saving craft strategies, recommend best practices and implement tactics that will reduce your time-sinking activities and drive more revenue.