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YoY Revenue Growth

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Account Based Marketing Services at a Glance 


ABM Strategy

Choose the most promising accounts to target and develop comprehensive buyer personas to understand how to most effectively influence them. 


Campaign Coordination

Align sales and marketing efforts around key accounts to deliver truly personalized, revenue-optimizing campaigns.   


Content Creation

Produce best-in-class content and design across all formats tailored to the exact interests and pain points of your buyers at each stage of the buying process. 





PPC Campaigns

Leverage our expertise in all key B2B paid social and paid search platforms to produce hyper-targeted media campaigns. 



Data & Analytics

Use performance data and insights from your sales teams to continuously optimize content, improve targeting and deliver better results.







Map your funnels to deliver an optimal buyer journey that increases trust, accelerates deals and generates more revenue.  

You'll Be In Good Company! 

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Everything You Need to Deliver Truly Personalized Campaigns

72% of B2B brands say account based marketing delivers a higher ROI than other strategies. But with sales cycles getting longer and buyers using a wider range of digital platforms to research solutions, it is becoming harder to consistently deliver truly personalized marketing. 

Our agency team helps you plan, execute and optimize account based marketing campaigns using a suite of proven methods. We leverage deep knowledge of your customers to create persuasive, tailored content at every stage of the funnel. And by aligning your sales and marketing teams around the shared goal of maximizing revenue, we unlock unparalleled ROI from your marketing budget. 


Maximize Revenue with Account Based Marketing 



Focus on Accounts that Deliver the Highest ROI  

Studies find that taking an account based approach to marketing for a single year increases revenue by 10%. But as B2B buyer teams get larger, deal cycles get longer and budgets are squeezed, generating ROI from your account based marketing budget is harder than ever. 

Our expert strategists ensure every aspect of your campaigns generate more leads and turn those leads into revenue. 

Our proven method: 

  • Select the most profitable accounts to approach based on deep market research, as well as analysis of your product and best existing customers 
  • Develop robust personas for your key buyers and influencers using a wide range of data and insights 
  • Align your entire revenue teams around the shared goal of maximizing revenue 


Deliver Standout Content Tailored to Your Target Accounts   

70% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase from brands that deliver personalized experiences. The problem is most B2B brands attempt some form of personalization - so yours needs to stand out from the crowd.  

We use our deep understanding of your target accounts to produce more detailed, higher value content that resonates with specific pain points. 

Our proven method: 

  • Interview your Subject Matter Experts to derive more original, distinctive insights that provide real value for buyers 
  • Map every piece of content to our detailed buyer personas and the stage of the buyer process they are in to ensure each message resonates 
  • Use expert B2B design and video production to elevate our tailored content and create a truly standout experience


Execute Tailored Campaigns Across Every Platform  

Account based marketing requires constant attention to ensure every aspect of the campaign is optimized. But most brands don’t have the time, resources or expertise to take on that level of daily management responsibility.  

Our expert team handles everything from setting up paid ads accounts to managing daily paid media bids. As a result, you can run truly targeted account based marketing campaigns without lifting a finger. 

Our proven method: 

  • Leverage technical expertise to ensure your website and paid media accounts are set up properly and function optimally 
  • Deploy content across every format you need, from social media and search ads to emails, webinars and SEO content 
  • Oversee every aspect of your campaigns, from deploying content to managing your advertising budget 


Use Data and Analytics to Improve Personalization 

Most account based marketing agencies use the same strategy and buyer personas throughout every campaign. But B2B buyers want a personalized, B2C-like experience – which means your personas and strategies must be constantly refined.  

We make sure personalization is never a “one-and-done” process, using data and analytics to constantly update and adapt our understanding of the target audience. The result? The accuracy of our targeting improves, the depth of our content increases and our campaign performance gets even better. 

Our proven method: 

  • Create KPIs that measure exactly how well content is tailored to your target accounts and ensure those KPIs are aligned with your revenue goals 
  • Routinely analyze data and feedback from sales teams to refine our understanding of your target accounts 
  • A/B test every piece of content across every campaign to build a collection of messages that are proven to resonate with key buyers 


Generate More Revenue from Every ABM Campaign 

66% of B2B brands say account based marketing significantly improves sales and marketing alignment. We take that a step further by implementing a complete Revenue Operations strategy 

From funnel mapping and alignment strategies to optimizing every aspect of your pipeline, we ensure each element of your account based marketing campaigns is geared towards one thing: maximizing revenue. 

Our proven method: 

  • Align sales and marketing teams around a shared understanding of your target accounts to collaboration and impact 
  • Map your ideal buyer journey to understand how sales and marketing can collaborate to nurture and win target accounts 
  • Optimize your CRM and facilitate a seamless HubSpot integration to give you access to a single source of campaign insight 

Generate Unparalleled ROI with Our Account Based Marketing Agency   

From choosing the right accounts to optimizing your tailored campaigns, impactful account based marketing takes expertise many brands can’t provide in-house. 

That is why so many B2B businesses turn to ProperExpression to help them plan, execute and optimize their account based campaigns - and deliver unbeatable ROI. 

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"They were quick to learn about our industry and create content that our clients wanted to read. Our industry can be difficult to understand but they "got it" right away. The whole team was knowledgeable, organized, dependable, and above all, fun to work with."
Katie Bartels
Marketing Coordinator, Justin Bradley