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What are content marketing agencies? 

Ever receive a newsletter or coupon via email? Or maybe you’ve recently seen a social media post with a catchy headline and image that’s caught your eye.  

There’s a chance that what you’re seeing was created by a content marketing agency. 

A content marketing agency develops a content strategy, then executes the strategy. They’ll produce materials – like blog posts, social media posts, and emails – that target different audiences and different personas 

A strong B2B content marketing agency will use SEO research to ensure every piece of content is centered around a primary keyword that will help answer prospect questions before they’re even asked. 

How do I find a content marketing agency? 

As with all the other agency types, it’s all about research and case studies.  

Find content that a prospective agency has produced: 

  •  Does the content seem cohesive?  
  • Does it answer questions clearly?  

You’ll want audiences to feel cared about and understood when they read content. So, when you’re looking for a content marketing agency, you should feel the same way! 

Which companies are best at content marketing? 

The best content marketing agencies use other skills.  

Unless you're a publishing company (and even if you are), you generate content to help with a specific goal, like get more traffic, generate new leads, nurture existing leads, etc. 

Content by itself will not produce these results.  

You’ll need an agency that can use content in combination with one of the following: SEO, PPC, Paid Social, SEM Marketing or Email Marketing. 

What are the best KPIs for a content marketing agency? 

This one is trickier. If your content marketing agency doesn’t do at least SEO or email, there really isn’t a great way to evaluate them.  

We would recommend using either the Search Engine Optimization Marketing Agency KPIs or Email Marketing Agency for this one. 

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