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Published on: | Updated on: | Rachel Canter

What’s a Demand Generation Agency and is it different from a Growth Marketing Agency? 

To answer this question, you first need to know what B2B demand generation is. Demand gen is all about creating long-term engagements with leads, then nurturing those leads through every step of the Buyer’s Journey. 

B2B demand generation is that and more. It especially emphasizes developing a sales pipeline that’s predictable and easy to use.  

Your B2B demand generation agency aligns with sales to form and implement that pipeline, effectively creating the kind of interest in your product or service that leads to real sales. 

A demand generation agency is a type of growth marketing agency; it’s just a bit more specific in what it does. 

What are the best KPIs for a demand generation agency? 

As for good KPIs to set for your demand generation agency, here are some excellent full-stack performance indicators: 

  • Critical KPIs:  
    • New Revenue Generated  
    • Influenced Revenue  
    • New Opportunities Opened 
  • Supporting KPIs:   
    • Number of leads generated  
    • Form completions  
    • Demo requests 

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