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Published on: | Rachel Canter

What does a B2B agency do? 

A business-to-business (B2B) agency is a full-service agency that will market primarily toward other businesses. (As opposed to marketing towards individual customers, which would be B2C).  

B2B marketing agencies use similar channels to e-commerce marketing agencies, like digital ads (PPC), emails, SEO, and content. 

The main difference between B2B and e-commerce agencies is that a B2B marketing agency will have: 

  • A good understanding of B2B benchmarks for top-of-the-funnel KPIs. For example, a few hundred searches on a specific keyword are great for B2B but terrible for e-commerce. Your B2B agency will know that and make the right recommendations. 
  • In-depth knowledge of the B2B sales cycles.  

What are Saas Marketing Agencies? 

SaaS marketing agencies are a type of B2B agency that focus on marketing and acquiring leads for subscription-based SaaS products (that’s “software as a service”). A SaaS marketing agency will help find ways to increase software sign-ups and sales from other businesses. If they’re full-service, then SaaS agencies will do this by using multiple marketing channels. 

SaaS marketing agencies understand a few things that other agencies will not, including: 

  • The SaaS sales cycle, which is shorter than enterprise sales cycles most 
  • Industry-specific marketing efforts that work for software 
  • How to sell a subscription, rather than a one-time product 
  • A good understanding of B2B technology 

Type of Services Provided by B2B Marketing Agencies 

Given that B2B marketing agencies fall under the category of a full-service agency, they can provide the same well-rounded services. That can include content creation, SEO, website management, email marketing, social advertising, CRM and Marketing Automation Management, Digital Advertising and much more.   

How do you find a B2B Marketing Agency?  

Similar to finding a growth marketing agency, to find a B2B marketing agency, you’ll want research and references. 

First, that means making sure that you provide a product or service for other businesses and that you want a full-service agency that can help you across multiple channels. 

Next, do some preliminary research and check out some agency websites. Does an agency have an easy-to-use site with helpful information and recent testimonials and case studies? 

Then, it might be time to book an initial call with a few agencies and see which ones come prepared and have actionable ideas. When you follow these steps, you’re likely to find the right agency. 

What are the best KPIs for a B2B marketing agency? 

If you’re looking for good KPIs to set for your B2B marketing agency, the KPIs are the same as those for full-service marketing agencies: 

  • Critical KPIs:  
    • New Revenue Generated  
    • Influenced Revenue  
    • New Opportunities Opened  

  • Supporting KPIs:   
    • Number of leads generated  
    • Form completions  
    • Demo requests 

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