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Published on: | Updated on: | Rachel Canter

What is a PPC Agency? 

A pay-per-click (PPC) agency does ads for display, social, and search, which are those ads you’ll notice on top of a search engine page. Want to get your brand in front of an ideal audience? A PPC agency can help (and can work in harmony with paid social). 

(And by the way, sometimes “PPC agency” is used to mean paid search agency.) 

What do PPC services include? 

This agency will start out with extensive keyword research and management. What does your audience search for when they find you? What do they search for when they find a competitor’s page? The keyword research should constantly be updated to stay relevant. 

A PPC agency will then create and optimize ads that will resonate with your audience and help monitor keyword bidding. A good agency will keep things optimal, and review bids every day so that you’re never spending money somewhere that can’t give you a good ROI. 

Does PPC work for B2B? 

It certainly does! PPC can help businesses capture ideal leads efficiently. The audience is usually smaller than B2C, so keyword search volume tends to be a bit lower, but that’s expected: your market is smaller than a consumer market, search volumes just reflect that. PPC is a great way to get the attention of ideal prospects as long as the right research is conducted, and the right ad groups are created. 

What’s great about search ads for B2B, specifically, is that they enable you to capture your audience at the exact time that they’re interested in a service or product like yours. The purchase intent is really high, so the conversion to sales opportunities on these also tend to be very high. 

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