Specialized Marketing Agency

Published on: | Updated on: | Rachel Canter

What is a Specialized Marketing Agency? 

True to its name, a specialized marketing agency will specialize in a particular area. They won’t cover all marketing bases, but these agents are experts in a certain field – like paid social, SEO, or automation, for example. All their resources go into their specialty, so if you only want to focus on driving results in a certain area, you might be looking for a specialized agency. 

What’s the difference between a Full-Service Marketing Agency and a Specialized Marketing Agency? 

A full-stack or full-service marketing agency can do all things marketing for you. They cover every aspect of marketing, giving you a well-rounded, multi-channel effort. 

But if your business has a specific need or lack in marketing, or perhaps flourishes the most within a specific channel, that’s where a specialized marketing agency might come in. They take just one area from the marketing stack and pour all their skills and resources into making it work seamlessly. 

What are the best KPIs for a specialized marketing agency? 

The KPIs that you should set for your specialized marketing agency differ depending on the type of agency you’re working with. 

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