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What’s a Revenue Marketing Agency and is it different from a Growth Marketing Agency? 

Revenue growth is the goal of most marketing agencies, but a revenue marketing agency takes it to a whole new level.  

They focus on metrics that really matter to develop a revenue marketing strategy that’s primary goal is to raise the bottom line. 

A good revenue marketing agency will go beyond lead generation; they’ll form and implement strategies that create lift across the entire funnel, from awareness to post-sales. With the help of an agency, you’ll be making data-fueled decisions and watch marketing leave behind its old label of “cost center.” 

And like a demand generation agency, a revenue marketing agency is a specific type of growth marketing agency. Revenue marketing isn’t really a specialty, but rather a philosophy with a singular goal. The intention is, of course, still to help you scale and grow, but the primary focus is to generate revenue through full-service marketing efforts.  

What are the best KPIs for a revenue marketing agency? 

Also like a demand generation agency, the best KPIs you can set are the same as with a Full-Service Marketing Agency: 

  • Critical KPIs:  
    • New Revenue Generated  
    • Influenced Revenue  
    • New Opportunities Opened
  • Supporting KPIs:  
    • Number of leads generated  
    • Form completions  
    • Demo requests 


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