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What is a full-service marketing agency? 

Rather than specializing in a particular marketing area, a full-service or full-service marketing agency can do it all for you. That means everything from search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and content creation to social media, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and user experience.  

A full-service marketing agency’s invaluable and well-rounded expertise means they can test out various marketing channels and see what works best. Full-service marketers should be knowledgeable, flexible, and enthusiastic about helping you reach your goals using every marketing weapon in their arsenal. 

What should you ask of your full-service marketing agency? 

A full-service agency should be able to do everything, so clients can ask them for everything, within reason. Along with the general marketing agency checklist that includes reporting, a main person-of-contact, and more, it’s crucial that full-service marketing agencies are working towards the right KPIs.  

What are the best KPIs for a full-service marketing agency? 

 KPIs have that name for a reason: they’re the key to unlocking a business’s success. This especially rings true when working with a marketing agency. If you don’t set the right KPIs, your marketing agency will do it for you. If you leave it completely up to your agency, then they might end up reporting on what’s convenient for them, not what’s important to you.  

Some great KPIs to set are:  

  •  Critical KPIs:  
    • New Revenue Generated  
    • Influenced Revenue  
    • New Opportunities Opened 
  • Supporting KPIs:   
    • Number of leads generated  
    • Form completions  
    • Demo requests 

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