Marketing Automation Agency

Published on: | Updated on: | Rachel Canter

What is a Marketing Automation Agency? 

This specialized agency is primarily focused on helping clients automate processes behind the scenes to create a flawless pipeline and drive revenue. 

This can include automating lead segmentation to allow for prioritization and targeted messaging. Email marketing can also be automated, so the right people – based on anything from job title to industry – receive the right messages at the right time. If someone interacts with a certain email, that can trigger an automated process. 

Lead scoring, drip campaigns, account-based marketing (ABM) - automation can have a hand in it all. A marketing automation strategy can help visibly improve marketing and sales for businesses. By creating standardized procedures and saving employees from having to do time-consuming processes manually, marketing automation can become a business’s lifesaver. 

Who needs marketing automation? 

Everyone! Marketing is ever-changing, and marketing technology (MarTech) especially. To keep up with the most recent best practices and stay on top of marketing trends, implementing automation backed by a solid strategy is recommended.  

How do I choose marketing automation software? 

There’s not one automation software that will necessarily do everything you need overnight. There are tons of different types of automation out there, and the best way to find the right one is to consult a marketing automation agency that can help you best form a strategy and find what you need. 

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