In-House Marketing vs. Growth Marketing Agency: The Pros of Both

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Marketing is a lot like any other skill. You can learn it yourself or you can hire someone who's already an expert in that field to help you grow! 

So how do you choose if in-house marketing or a growth marketing agency is the best choice for your business? Which will help you make your revenue goals and growth visions a reality? 

Keep reading to learn the benefits of both in-house marketing and marketing agencies and learn everything you need to pick which path will set your business up for success. 


The Pros of In-House Marketing 

1. The day-to-day availability  

In-house marketers are more readily available because they’re dedicated solely to one client (their own company!). Most marketers in an agency work for multiple clients and can answer client inquiries within 24 hours. A good growth marketing agency should provide a primary person-of-contact (POC) and make it clear how quickly they can respond to client emails.

2. In-house product & brand knowledge 

There are also benefits to having employees within the company who understand your unique challenges and can help clients better understand what you offer. An in-house team presumably had company training and are familiar with the inner workings and clients of the product, service, and brand. Although a strong marketing agency will work to understand your market and your clients, no one will understand them better than you and your own team. 

3.No sharing across clients 

Most growth marketing agencies service around 10-20 clients. Marketers must split time working on campaigns and strategies for each client. In-house marketing teams, on the other hand, are dedicated to the company for which they work. While they do have to work with other departments, in-house marketers don’t have to commit to multiple different clients. 

The Pros of a Growth Marketing Agency 

1. The cost of a growth marketing agency 

The average in-house marketing account manager is paid a salary of around $50,000 to $60,000. Those same funds could be used to hire a growth marketing agency with a team of multiple people and varied expertise. In other words, a growth marketing agency is a more cost-effective way of marketing. You get to benefit from the skills and insights that a growth marketing agency can provide without adding people to the in-house payroll. 

By hiring an agency, it opens up the opportunity for internal employees to focus on core business while the agency handles growth marketing. This allows you to save money by not hiring an in-house team for growth marketing or spending additional time training employees on how to execute marketing efforts themselves. 

2. Growth marketing agency expertise & perspective 

A growth marketing agency will give you access to the experience and expertise that comes from having worked on dozens or hundreds of projects. This is important because it lets you hire experts who can help you get results faster, with less risk and lower cost. 

Experience is a competitive advantage, and agencies exemplify that. By working across so many clients, industries, and products, they can offer different perspectives.  Agency marketers will approach projects from different angles than your internal team would, which can spark new ideas and lead to effective, creative solutions. 

Most of the time, in-house marketers have one core skill or specialty, whereas most agencies specialize in all channels. There are, of course, digital marketing agencies that specialize in one area, such as email marketing, SEO, or PPC, but the typical full-service agency possesses omnichannel knowledge. A growth marketing agency is a team of experts in the field, who collectively have a proven track record of success. They've worked with many companies to achieve their goals, and they will do it again for your business. A dedicated in-house team may not be able to provide the same level of expertise as an experienced growth marketing agency that specializes in this work. 

Growth marketing vs. Growth hacking 

Lots of people wonder if there’s a difference between growth marketing and growth hacking. We’re here to settle the score! 

Growth hacking aims to get fast results and easy growth, while growth marketing involves in-depth research and strategizing to set a business up for long-term growth. If you want to establish a solid foundation, growth marketing is the best bet. 

3. Holistic strategizing 

Growth marketing agencies don’t just execute specific tasks, but also offer holistic strategic planning services that align with your business goals. This is especially beneficial for businesses that want to grow quickly or don’t have the resources or experience to create a comprehensive growth marketing strategy on their own.  

Agency marketers have the prowess to create campaigns for every stage of the funnel. They can help you with customer acquisition strategy by creating a custom lead generation campaign that focuses on acquiring customers in your target market. They can also assist you with retention strategy by identifying ways to keep customers happy and prevent them from churning out of your sales funnel. 

Finally, growth marketing agencies can help you with engagement strategy by designing programs that keep users engaged and coming back for more content throughout their customer lifetime. 


Marketing is a cornerstone of business. If you want to focus on your business while leveraging outside expertise, a growth marketing agency might be the right choice. A growth marketing agency is the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business.

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