Defining the Relationship Between a Growth Marketing Agency and Advertising Agency

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Let’s play a round of Jeopardy: 

This type of agency helps businesses promote their products and services. 

What is a...growth marketing agency? Advertising agency? Both answers probably feel right, because both agency types are tasked with helping their clients develop and implement a strategy with the goal of driving awareness, acquiring new customers, and making sales. 

In reality, growth marketing agencies and advertising agencies have a few key differences, and certain growth marketing agencies include advertising in their services. Keep reading to learn their differences, how the agencies relate to one another, and how to choose one. 

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Growth Marketing and Advertising: What’s the Connection? 

What is a growth marketing agency? 

A marketing agency is generally tasked with helping a business promote and sell their product or service through relevant strategies and solutions. A growth marketing agency, more specifically, centers all marketing efforts around scaling and growing revenue.  

A full-service growth marketing agency will work on all sorts of marketing channels, including everything from email marketing and automation to SEO, and, yes, even advertising. Although growth agencies can have a large scope and often use an omnichannel strategy, they will usually hone in on the channel (or channels) that drives the most impactful results for each of their clients.  

If you want to know more about all the types of growth marketing agencies, check out our Ultimate Guide to Working with Growth Marketing Agencies (Without Going Broke). 

What is an advertising agency? 

The movie poster you notice on the side of a city bus, the billboard you drive pass on a highway, and the sponsored posts you see as you scroll through your social media feed are all examples of advertising. Businesses essentially pay for real estate, whether physical or digital, where they can display ads with the goal of driving more clicks, visits, or interest. 

An advertising agency does ad creation, management, and reporting for you. Advertisers develop strategy, copy, and visuals that will catch the eye of prospects scrolling or walking past their ad. While growth marketing agencies engage with the prospect, ads are more of a one-sided channel. An advertising agency will handle just ads, whereas full-service growth marketing agencies deal with many marketing channels, which can include advertising. 


Growth marketing agencies and advertising agencies have their differences, but marketing and advertising are two channels that can work in harmony to drive revenue. Advertising is ultimately an important step of marketing, and it’s good to keep that in mind when choosing what agency type your business needs.  

If you solely want to focus your budget on ads, an advertising agency might be the way to go. If you want ads to work in tandem with other marketing channels to drive revenue with a cohesive strategy, a growth marketing agency can help you do exactly that. 

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