Hiring a Marketing and Sales Automation Agency: Is it Worth It?

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Marketing Automation: What It Is and Why It’s Important 

If you lead an organization, you likely experience all the natural pressures and problems that come with that. 

You might struggle to grow your company in a cost-effective way while preserving internal resources. Or maybe you don’t always see tangible results and growth from your efforts and wonder in which initiatives it would be best for you to invest.  

That’s where a marketing automation agency comes in. Marketing automation systematizes and automates marketing and demand generation tasks for your business, allowing you to save valuable time, focus your efforts on more significant opportunities, and exponentially increase revenue. It is an important part of the comprehensive full-stack marketing approach, and a necessity to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.  

A marketing automation agency partners with you to solve some of the most common issues leaders are facing today and gives you back the bandwidth to channel your energies into ensuring your company’s success. 

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What is a Marketing Automation Agency? 

To most effectively turn leads into customers, you need to send frequent correspondence, collect and analyze consumer data, and monitor the efficacy and efficiency of your brand. With so many moving pieces, it can be hard to keep track of tasks and outcomes. 

A marketing automation agency does all of that and more by monitoring your website traffic, sending automated emails, identifying the most sales-ready leads, and providing concrete, high-quality data that tells you what’s working and what’s not with your marketing strategy.  

Equipped with that knowledge, your agency will use strategies that best fit your needs and complete behind-the-scenes automated tasks that guarantee that your company never sleeps, even when you do.  

Marketing Automation Strategies 

A marketing automation agency uses several key strategies to streamline processes and help turn leads into customers across various platforms, all in the name of keeping you relevant and driving more revenue. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing automation strategies. By implementing a top-notch email marketing software, you will have access to data that reveals who clicks on what and how often. 

This insight can be used to send unique emails to prospective customers catered to their interests, interactions, industry, job title or any other variable. The software can send emails automatically, triggered by a date or specific action a prospect takes. Email marketing automation allows you to set it and forget it so no emails go unsent again. 

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Based on the data collected from email marketing campaigns, your agency can identify the prospects that are most engaged with your brand and primed for sales outreach. An effective email marketing strategy gives you a glimpse into the true value of your database and fruitfulness of your marketing and sales funnels. 

Another effective automation strategy is account-based marketing, which creates an experience catered to an entire company at every stage of the funnel. With this approach, an agency will tightly align with sales to identify a list of target companies and target personas and deliver customized content that makes a measurable impact. 

Automated lead segmentation, another approach to automation, cleans up and divides your database to make clear, marketable separations that simplify customization. By having an agency segment your database based on the characterizations most relevant to your business and sales cycle, you can keep leads engaged in a way that’s specific to them. For example, you can send content tailored to the stage of the buyer’s journey each lead is in, ensuring they’re receiving the information they’re looking for every step of the way. 

When it comes to marketing automation strategies, the possibilities are endless. A marketing automation agency can help you figure out which methods will work best for you and your company to positively and consistently impact the bottom line.  

Benefits of Marketing Automation Agencies 

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It is challenging to rely on constant, manual efforts to keep a company moving. An agency takes these tasks off your hands so that employees can focus their energies on creating personal connections and closing more high-impact deals, allowing your business to scale. It's been shown that marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

A marketing automation agency manages repetitive tasks and processes so that you don’t have to. When employees don’t have to spend time on tedious tasks, it establishes a company culture that values talent and intentionality, leading to a reduction in employee turnover rates. 

If you want to ensure profitability and efficiency in your business in a cost-effective and intentional way without exhausting internal resources, using a marketing automation agency is a proven way to do so.  

Key Takeaways 

Utilizing the services of a marketing automation agency is a long-term investment, and it’s becoming widespread and necessary. You can find much proof of automation’s time-saving guarantee and its popularity with executives in daily case studies. Marketing automation agencies have the skills and resources to contribute this full-stack marketing best practice to your organization. 

In a fast-paced business environment, marketing automation agencies are a necessity to save you time and resources. By utilizing automation, you and your employees will work less on small yet imperative tasks and focus on growing your company and visibly driving revenue.   

Want to Know More? 

To learn more about marketing automation best practices, book a call to find out how you can take action to automate processes, positively impact the bottom line, and “feed the engine of your revenue machine.”

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