4 of HubSpot’s Best Kept Email Marketing Secrets

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You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s too true not to shout from the rooftops: email isn’t dead! Nearly 4 billion people use email worldwide, so email marketing is a channel that’s overflowing with possibilities.

If you want to reach the right audience at the right time in an engaging way, then you should care about email marketing. And if you want email marketing to work for you as a gift that keeps on giving, then you should care about HubSpot’s email marketing tool.

HubSpot’s email marketing is intuitive and has major revenue-boosting potential. Here are 4 email marketing tips that you won’t want to pass up, brought to you by a HubSpot marketing agency that knows how to rake in those opens and clicks.

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4 Email Tips from a HubSpot Marketing Agency

1. Segment, segment, segment

Not everyone in your audience has the same interests and pain points. So don’t send them all the same emails! In HubSpot, it’s easy to segment your audience in as many ways as you need, and then draft and send emails only to that audience.

A CEO of a massive company won’t have the same concerns as a salesperson at a small agency. Segment based on job title, company size, company revenue, or any properties that are most relevant to your business, and then write and personalize emails for those segments.

Segmenting for email marketing is also great for reporting. This way, you can see which segments and personas are most interested in your emails and craft separate strategies to amplify engagement or reengage disinterested recipients.. Keep segmenting and keep creating content that aligns with audience buckets, and the results will speak for themselves. 

2. Sequences and workflows and drip campaigns, oh my

Once you segment your contacts, there’s a whole lot you can do with them. HubSpot has two ways of sending automated emails: sequences and workflows. Both methods allow you to set and forget (to some degree) your emails.

For sequences, the messages are sent as sales emails through your connected inbox. You can create sales email templates, customize them and use them throughout a sequence, where contacts can be manually or automatically enrolled. Workflow emails are sent through HubSpot itself, and you can customize the sender address. For those emails, use HubSpot's drag-and-drop email builder, or create marketing email templates, then set to send to specific contacts or segments automatically.

Drip campaigns are a type of automated outreach, sent to specific audiences after they take a certain action. With drip campaigns, sequences, and workflows, you can get your emails working for you long after you leave work for the day.

3. Keep design in mind

Your emails should tell a story, and not just through content. The visual layout of an email matters a great deal. Readers will first notice colors, images, white space, and bullet points before even reading the text!

A good marketing email will visually direct towards a CTA and flow naturally. An email template with brand colors and fonts will help build up a brand’s personality in the audience’s mind. Keep things clean, engaging, and on-brand.

But, don’t be afraid to switch things up sometimes. Once you settle on an email look you like, you can always tweak it to give the audience something new to look at (while still maintaining brand standards). Humans are visual creatures, so getting email design right is worth the effort.

4. Short emails, big impact

If your email is designed well, then your audience is more likely to start reading. And content is everything. Start with a subject line that’s concise, engaging, and puts an offer or pain point right out in the open. (It’s not easy to draft that perfect subject line. Consider running attempts through a site like subjectline.com to get a score and tips for improvement.)

With the subject line and preview text appealing enough to make people open the email, the body copy is next up. Keep your emails short and easy to scan, and make the CTA action-oriented and irresistible. Readers most likely won’t take the time to read sentences and paragraphs that are long, so take the time to filter your copy down to its essence and make them see the value in clicking.


Email marketing likely isn’t going away anytime soon, so mastering the do’s and don'ts of this great channel will help you develop marketing campaigns that gain a lot of traction. Ultimately, email marketing will drive revenue for your business, if it’s done right.

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