How to Stand Out with the Right Go-To-Market Strategy

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Emerging as a new company in a market that’s constantly growing can be intimidating, but there are ways to stand out in the crowd.  

By developing a go-to-market strategy that focuses on your business’s value propositions and what your customers think and experience, you can get your business the positive attention it needs to make a unique mark.  

“...If you try to approach it from a perspective of, 'I'm going to tell you who we are and what we do', you can really run into a wall.”
Dominic Garcia, Senior Director of Marketing at strongDM 


How to Carve Out Space in a Growing Market 

In this week’s Growth Marketing Chat episode, Dominic Garcia, Senior Director of Marketing at strongDM, sheds light on how to let your customer and audience experiences help define your role in the market. 

Find out the questions you need to be asking, including: 

  • How is the market you’re entering (and its terms) defined? 
  • How does your audience talk about the problems you’re trying to solve? 
  • Where do YOU fit into the market? 

Once you answer these questions, you’ll have the foundation you need to make your start-up marketing successful.  

Watch the full interview to find out how you can best position your company from day one. 

Video Transcript:

CAROLINE: Hi, today I'm here with Dominic Garcia. Dominic has experience working at MarkLogic and NetAPP. He was part of the first content team at Splunk and now he is the head of marketing at Dominic, thank you so much for being with us today. 

DOMINIC: Of course. Thank you. Caroline, for having me. 

CAROLINE: So today we're going to talk about an exciting topic. So obviously your company, right, is in the AI and machine learning space, which is a space that is moving very fast and growing. You know, there are lot of companies, new companies emerging like all the time, and new terms emerging all the time. So in such a market, to be successful, it's pretty essential to define what your company is doing really well, and you know, standing out, which it's also very difficult to do. 


CAROLINE: So what is your approach to positioning your company and standing out in a market that is, or category that is exponentially growing? 

DOMINIC: Sure. So there are a couple of really interesting things about emerging on recent markets in terms of just how the market develops, the trends that are introduced, and then how do you as an organization think about those trends or then eventually tiers up to one, based on how it's been adopted in the market. 

There's a couple of things that I like to do. So the first thing that I would do is really just try to understand what are the terms that are in the market and how they've been defined. So a really good example is, you know, when I was at MarkLogic, for example, this was back when big data was first becoming a term, right? We sat in a room and we're saying, "Are we big data? Are we not big data?" Eventually you started to see all of these tangential terms come out, which were really big data and NoSql, NewSQL. So, you know, it's really comes down to sort of a couple of things for me. 

So number one is your audience, how does your audience for your topic, how are they talking about the problem? And then also looking at yourself in terms of where in the market do you think you fit based on the value propositions or really the problems that you solve for your customers? Because if you try to approach it from a perspective of, 'I'm going to tell you who we are and what we do', you can really run into a wall. If you approach it from more of a, 'If I put myself in my customer's shoes and think if I have this problem, what do I type into Google?', it starts to give you a little bit of a different perspective in terms of how you should be thinking about how you position yourself or your company in the market. 

CAROLINE: Right? So that's a really good advice, right. Like start with your customers, don't start with what you're saying, right? Like it doesn't matter at the end of the day. 

DOMINIC: Yes, that's right. 

CAROLINE: Well great, Dominique, thank you. I think it was short and sweet, but packed with exactly what people need to get started. So thanks a lot for being here with us today. 

DOMINIC: Of course, thank you for having me.