ProperExpression Earns HubSpot Platinum Partner Status

Published on: | Updated on: | Nick Ilev

I’ve always thought there were two types of marketing agencies: 

Those that want to meet expectations, and those that want to change them. 

At ProperExpression, I’ve strived to make sure we’re the latter. 

We don’t want to simply hit our clients’ targets; we want to help them aim higher.

And that’s why it’s such a thrill to announce that we’ve been granted Platinum Partner status with HubSpot.

Because most Platinum Partners are at least twice the size of our company.

So joining their ranks not only sets us up to continue helping our clients overperform - it shows that we are practicing what we preach!

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Drive More Revenue with HubSpot

My vision for this company has always been to make RevOps a central part of what we do. 

It was clear to me that HubSpot would be crucial in that regard, as it is the best platform to streamline marketing and sales operations, boost campaigns results and provide a centralized view of an organization's revenue. 

But that’s not all HubSpot does.

It’s also a vital decision making tool, enabling custom reporting that unlocks data-driven improvements across multiple dimensions.

Our clients gain increased visibility into which inbound channels are creating new leads, which channels are converting leads in demo/meeting requests, and which channels are ultimately contributing to new pipeline and revenue.

All of which empowers them to make marketing and sales decisions based on what truly impacts the bottom line most. 

HubSpot Platinum Partners: A Decade in the Making

The truth is, most agencies of our size don’t have the resources to cover every specialism required to become a Platinum Partner.

But we quickly identified HubSpot as an essential tool for the kind of long-term growth our clients wanted, and made it a foundational part of our business.

For over 10 years, we’ve used the platform every day, enabling our team to gain intimate knowledge of it and develop expertise across each Hub - including CMS, Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations.

As a result, every one of our team understands the platform and adds a specialism to the mix - from strategists and web developers to implementation specialists and SEO experts. 

And that has helped us onboard and manage more than 20 clients in HubSpot over the last 3 years alone.

Working With a HubSpot Marketing Agency 

What does that mean in practice?

The beauty of HubSpot is the platform’s flexibility.

Our expertise enables us to offer tailored support to a wide range of B2B SaaS companies and other B2B clients. 

Rather than fitting our process, we adapt to your specific needs.

That could mean:

  • Migrating enterprise businesses from other marketing and sales platforms
  • Setting up startups in HubSpot as their first marketing and sales automation tool
  • Building new websites from scratch in HubSpot CMS with SEO best practices 
  • Migrating websites from other CMS platforms to Hubspot CMS
  • And integrating HubSpot with other platforms in clients’ tech stack

I believe that flexibility is at the heart of the relationships we’ve built with many of our clients.

Most of our engagements have become long-term marketing retainers, because they trust us to provide everything they need to scale and meet their growth ambitions. 

Where to now?

One of the great things about aiming to exceed expectations is there’s always more to achieve.

We are proud of our Platinum Partner status, and believe it will help us deliver even better results for our clients.

But we're already discussing how we can take things to the next level and become a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

Because that drive is what keeps us going - and what keeps us pushing things forward for our clients.

Want to be part of that journey?


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