Harnessing the Power of SaaS Video Marketing Part 1: Why It Matters

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Video content is set to make up 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2023. 1

While that statistic is not surprising, given that consumers are inundated by a seemingly endless flow of video content, what is surprising is that many brands tend to overlook the power of this medium. Brands must constantly look for new ways to captivate the modern audience and make a lasting impression, and video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that can tap into this audience. 

Video marketing is a dynamic strategy that combines the power of visuals, sound and storytelling to create a memorable, digestible and compelling experience. 

Since SaaS is a realm of complex products and services that often require intricate explanations, video marketing offers a unique opportunity to communicate value propositions, features, and benefits more effectively. By harnessing the power of video, SaaS companies can transcend traditional marketing barriers and forge stronger connections with their target audience. 

It can be challenging to know what types of video content will resonate with SaaS customers to make them successful campaigns in the form of customer engagement and conversions. That’s why, in this two-part series on video marketing, we break down both the “why” video marketing is important and the “how” to get your SaaS video marketing kickstarted.  


 Types of Video Content for SaaS Growth Marketing 

  • Product demos and tutorials: Highlight concrete features of your product’s benefits along with use cases and step-by-step guides for user onboarding 
  • Customer testimonials and case studies: Showcase the value of your SaaS product with real-life success stories from satisfied customers 
  • Explainer videos: Address pain points and position your solution with concise and engaging explanations of the software’s benefits and purpose 
  • Webinars and live-action demos: Promote real-time engagement with interactive sessions, Q&A sessions and live educational webinars that appeal to potential customers 
  • Behind-the-scenes/company culture videos: Build a sense of community and trust with videos that humanize your brand and team 

Video Content: How to Leverage This Powerful B2B SaaS Marketing Trend 

While all B2B companies can benefit from video marketing, it’s an especially powerful tool for SaaS companies when marketing the complexities of their innovative product. Using intelligently produced and strategically implemented video content can help: 

Enhance Product Awareness & Education 

SaaS is uniquely difficult to market. There’s no doubt that without a tangible product to showcase amongst murky positioning, capturing the attention of potential customers and ensuring they understand the value of your product is challenging. However, it’s critical to successfully showcase the value of your solution in an easily digestible format. 

Video marketing can demonstrate the software in action. Instead of relying solely on written descriptions or static images to explain intricate features and capabilities, videos can bring the product to life, allowing potential customers to see how it works in real-world scenarios and aligns with their needs 

Through screen recordings and well-crafted visual narratives, SaaS companies can highlight the software's user interface, navigation, and key functionalities and break down complex concepts into smaller pieces, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and ensuring the software’s unique value proposition is crystal clear. 

These videos can also be used in social media content to create even more engagement and awareness to encourage education through multiple channels. 

Build Trust & Credibility  

The average SaaS sales cycle length is 84 days though that number can grow. Keeping prospects interested and providing multiple, engaging touchpoints for several months isn’t always easy. 2

Video can bolster prospects' confidence at the middle and bottom of the funnel with video testimonials and case studies that build trust in your solution. Videos have a 95% retention rate compared to 12% of written text, so an engaging, visual testimonial is much more potent than a customer quote or case study on your website. 3

Video can build trust by revealing the humans behind your product. You can create videos showcasing the SaaS team's personalities, experiences, and motivations. This helps prospects connect to your company and software and prevents them from seeing SaaS as a faceless entity. 

Boost Conversion Rates & Sales 

SaaS is notoriously hard to sell because of an often-complicated pricing model and a lengthy sales cycle.  

When visitors arrive at a landing page, they seek quick and compelling information that helps them understand the product's value proposition. Video content achieves this by capturing attention and conveying key messages in a concise and engaging manner, simplifying the complicated SaaS process and lubricating the funnel at every stage. 

A video-driven landing page can immediately immerse visitors in the SaaS solution's benefits, showcasing its primary features and demonstrating how it addresses pain points, leading to 80-86% higher conversion rates. Plus, it drives website traffic and has noted search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. 4

Email campaigns and automated workflows can also deliver targeted explainer videos for leads and new customers. These videos can address common pain points, offer expert tips and best practices, and showcase how the software effectively streamlines processes, improves productivity, and solves other day-to-day problems. 

Part 2 Coming Soon: Steps to Implement Video SaaS Marketing 

In our second installment of this blog series on video marketing, we’ll unpack pragmatic steps on how to strategically implement video marketing for your organization, so stay tuned! 

Want to learn more about the versatility and educational power of video marketing so your SaaS product can connect with the ideal audience through this incredible tool?  

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