Set Game-Changing Goals

Set company-wide and departmental goals and objectives to establish alignment across all teams using our GOST Framework template. Start working toward the perfect revenue marketing strategy today.

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GOST framework
What's Inside

A Framework Just for You

GOST Framework
What's Inside

A Framework Just for You

  • Quick reference guide to walk you through how to use the GOST Framework effectively
  • Interactive, customizable Excel workbook to set goals on the company and departmental levels
  • Specific examples to assist with your goal-setting process every step of the way

Your Guide to Goal-Setting Success

marketing goals

Set SMART goals company-wide and across all departments.

marketing strategy

Determine the top priority objectives best suited for your goals.

revenue marketing strategy

Craft strategies and pinpoint tactics for maximum success.


We've built this template to make the work as easy on you as possible.

Once you determine your goals and drop them into the Excel workbook, it will pre-populate the remaining tabs with these goals, expediting the goal-setting process and keeping you organized with ease.